My name is Fergie and I am a miniature pinscher rescue. Yes, that’s me winking in the picture above! In my previous life I was referred to as The Dutchess but when I broke into fame with my new family my fans started calling me Fergie and I haven’t looked back sense! 

With my new lifestyle I have learned a lot of cool tricks like winking, begging for free food, and most importantly looking good for the camera. I am often mischievous when it comes to the doorbell. I go nuts when I know somebody is ringing the door to see me and will make laps around the house barking until they are allowed in. 
I have a little sister who takes the attention away from me occasionally named Roxy (she is the yorkie in the blanket trying to outshine me). She is also a little diva but my best playmate and I wouldn’t know what to do without her as we spend everyday together. We both love bones for a nightly snack but I occasionally think I deserve my sisters as well where I am a celebrity after all!
Besides roaming my palace enjoying the “ruff” life I enjoy cuddling my favorite human (I included a picture of him as well to be nice) going on car rides to look at houses, and spending time at the dog park!
Dogs of Innovative -Fergie

Dogs of Innovative -Fergie

09/13/2019 | Drew Sessions