Pronounced: /S-tell-ah/ and best said by Elaine in an episode of Seinfeld

Name: Derived from the Old French form of the Latin ‘stella; meaning star/famous

Stella is a real catch.  She is a thirteen-year-old dachshund that truly breaks the mold.  She is very small for her breed but only in size.  Stella is the kingpin of her 3 dog mob and she makes all the rules.  She doesn’t love tricks, playing games, or playing with toys.  She a noble lady and such menial tasks are far below her. She tolerates her associates at best.

She is, however, a master of many things including, following the human around the house, catching all the scraps from the dinner table, sitting on the human’s feet, burrowing under the blankets, laying in the sun and is strong hoarder of all the bones.  Her ideal date would be laying in the sun, enjoying a good snack, and a good book with a gentle pat on the lap of her human. 

She is a lovely robust specimen who likes all the treats. She would be a runner but is held back by her short-outturned legs. Lucky for her they are perfectly matched to her long floppy ears.  She may be showing signs of gray but those are only signs of experience and knowledge. 

She loves her tiny humans and is loyal to their place in the pack.  She will protect when necessary (if it suits her and she isn’t too tired), but will cuddle at their beck and call.  

Dogs of Innovative - Stella

Dogs of Innovative - Stella

09/06/2019 | MeriAnn Boxall