At Innovative Real Estate you have probably heard us talk a lot about Family, Neighborhood and Community.  That’s because it’s what matters to us and what is most important.  We love to share some of our happenings here and hope you will be as excited about it as we are. 

One of our Innovative Dad’s has recently retired.  Marion Chappell is the real deal.  He was a lineman in Southern Utah but his skills go far beyond our Utah boundaries.  If you look up Lineman on Wikipedia you will find Marion Chappell.  Marion was in the Gulf Coast helping restore power after Hurricane Rita.  He had a broken toe and was using only one foot on the pole as he climbed up to restore power.  A FEMA worker named Marvin Nauman took a picture of him looking like a super hero and that photo is now the image of the “Lineman”.  A lineman is someone you don’t really think about needing until you don’t have power.  True hero’s.

Marion is not only a great lineman he is a really great person.  He is committed to his family and his community and is willing to help anyone in need.  We are super lucky to have Marion as part of our Innovative Family and think he is a great example of what community is.    Join us in celebrating him and saying thanks for all the great things he has done.   

You can see more about Marion here:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lineworker

Just Another Innovative Dad

Just Another Innovative Dad

09/04/2019 | MeriAnn Boxall